Today within two hoursthe Bugatti Veyron vs Koenigsegg Agera race will be up with livestreaming — 19 Comments

  1. you tell me to shut up??even with that smile you dont have to tell me that i should shut up!i think you are a grown man,so be careful with what you write here,ok?

  2. Yes, I understand what you’re saying, metric are thing that can have kilo- milli- centi- and all this, but imperials are 1 foot, 1 inch, 1 mile. The thing is that I don’t know why they called PS metric horsepower, I don’t even think you can add kilo- milli- centi- either, (you can check that it is called metric horsepower on the internet). Does that mean that there’s an imperial horsepower? Yes. it’s the normal HP we know = 745.7 kW. I also don’t really know the difference between BHP and HP…

  3. PS isnt metric…1ps is 0,736 KW. KW is metric cause u have kilo watt. ps is same like 1 inch or 1 foot. u know what im meaning? (i cant find better words to discribe – sorry…but i never understood the difference betwenn HP and BHP?! do u know that?

  4. Did anyone else notice that songs named after the Bugatti are some of the shittiest songs ever or is it just me

  5. It’s different from normal horsepower, so this Bugatti Veyron is not 1001 HP it’s 1001 PS which is the mertric horsepower, so the so this Bugatti Veyron is actually 987 HP in normal horsepower.

  6. It’s going to take some hours of processing I think, so I’m looking forward for something to look at tomorrow morning. Peace 🙂

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