BreakDance Vs Taekwondo

Une lutte sans merci entre une équipe de BreakDance et les fameux Korean Tigers !! a terrible struggle between a team of Breakdance and the famous Korean Tig…


BreakDance Vs Taekwondo — 14 Comments

  1. BreakDance=step forward,step backward,step sidewards.oh wait also lying in the field!!!

  2. Like street dance, crazy about traditionnal taekwon do, but a creepy mix of both sound like a big,stinky bullshit, y’all know…
    Long life to the ITF!!!!

  3. Song name is Hands up – 2pm. not even cool for breakdancing lolz!!

  4. the guy doing breakdance wearing white shirt, with red print at the back of his shirt. is so cool..he’s doing’ nothin!! only clapping/hahaha very nice.

  5. Taekwondo = flips, flips, and flips, and more flips. wait im missing something; flips. c: *flips*

  6. pinches geyes de braek les dienron ensumdre desde el principio los de taekuando

  7. Te apuesto q si los hacemos combatir!! Los Breakdancistas Serian nokeados facilmente por los taekwondistas xDDD

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