Lost Coast Kenpo Karate Test Sparring(6-15-10) — 5 Comments

  1. you would think with kenpo techniques guys would not go charging in there id let one of those heavier guys come at me an try to take me down id sprawl out on him if he went into a Take down i honestly thought there was more to kenpo then all the ground grapplng stuff these guys are all farely good though im sayin that with respect hopefully we can see some more stand up matches vs the grappling portion

  2. what i try to say is that most martial arts arent ass backwards… its the instructors that are incorrect or have ritualized everything and drifted apart from its effectiveness in combat

  3. 26 yrs training,15 competitive grappling and wrestling,3 thai boxing,5 boxing ,13 itf tkd,3 hee il chos tkd and 2 classical jujitsu several concurrently. A degree in sports science ,1 sports rehab with lots of coaching science content and 10 yrs senior swim coaching education,you could say I know just a bit about combat and how to coach people .That kenpo would be doing this training and still think that kenpo is worth a fuck is beyond stupid.

  4. hahahaaa ok grandmaster.. hahaha do you even know anithing about martial arts?

  5. this vid should be an eye opener for all their students,zero kenpo is usable in the sparring and its full contact with rules as close to street as possible.What they should be doing is looking at the situations and problems within this sparring and structuring their training to that.most martaial arts are arse backwards,they try to apply their fantasy techs to a fight theyve never had and hope it works out in reality.

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