Dubai Police with Lambo, Ferrari, Camaro: fastest cop cars in the world! — 20 Comments

  1. اللهم زد وبارك، لو كان بستطاعتك مساعدتي بقليل من المال فالله لا يضيع عمل عبده !

  2. I’m a DONOR of these cars, how many speeding tickets I paid… 🙁

  3. I was talking from more of an Abu Dhabi point of view, me being someone who lived in A.D. 95% of my life and having a parent who works in the gas industry. But embarrassingly enough I have managed to keep myself in the dark when it comes to Dubai’s affairs so thanks for the insight.

  4. Need for speed – Dubai Edition… the only difference this is real!

  5. You are actually the moron who doesn’t know what is Tax, road toll can be a company that made the highway which offer faster transit time. Search for London Toll & any other toll system in world wide. Tax my friend for example if you prostitute yourself you pay % to the government because you make money on their land. Simple stuff mate fuck you.

  6. The last sound of horn was that one from
    Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit.

  7. One thing for sure … Now one in Dubai or UAE is paying 25% for their household income as a Tax or even a hidden Tax … you may all die in jealousy 

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