Cheick Kongo Calls Out UFC Champ Cain Velasquez — 25 Comments

  1. Cheick is only fuckin around. He is delerious if he thinks he has a shot against Cain

  2. Kongo is fun to watch though. I wouldn’t mind seeing him fight Cain

  3. Cain destroyed this dude. Took good shots got knocked down twice but cain got up with in a second.

  4. he was injured or ill or something before the fight (this is according to rampage though)

  5. Wtf are you talking about? He’s only been knocked out 3 times in his whole career.

  6. Props to Kongo for being a good sport and being able to be light-hearted in defeat. He has obviously come to terms with where he sits in the division.

    There sure are some ‘literal’ retards commenting here.

  7. I find it kind of sad idiots like you watch MMA lol. Velasquez is not a fucking gorilla like Kongo, he’s one chubby, small HW; you can’t expect him to dish the same damage, and less with striking from wrestling positions; think, for fucks sake!
    And second: different body types are suited for different strategies and tools; if you’re smaller, weaker, and have reach disadvantage than the other guy BUT you have a significative edge on the grappling department, that’s what you should try.

    GTFO 🙂

  8. 1. You can’t judge chins when you’re talking about heavyweights, dude,
    2. Cain is not a big heavyweight, you can’t expect him to have the punch a gorilla like Kongo have, but he’s better suited for enduring long fights, even when he’s got a belly and not a single ripped muscle.
    And 3rd, Kongo has no chance! he’s slow and clumsy as fuck,he’s 37,he’s not improved his skills one bit. The only thing he’s got is a punchers chance, and Cain is well beyond that (Cigano fight 2). You’re proven wrong,SON

  9. I HATE the skelator chick un this video. But I’d bang her and call her a whore neG

  10. He’s desperate fight anyone cause he hasn’t beat nobody! This dude is done!!!

  11. don’t you find it kind of sad that cain who is a hw can land 300 punches but still couldn’t finish kongo? kongo did more damage with 3 punches than cain did with 300

  12. Don’t worry cheick will come back stronger the next time, he is a really good fighter with determination so i think the next time will not be the same

  13. Dude calm the fuck down. I was just saying, u said Kongo didn’t have a chance when he knocked him down and rocked him like 4 times. And btw Cain landed 251 punches to the head of Kongo, LOL his chin has never been the same ever since.

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