BMW 335i GT M Sport – DRIVING

Customers can choose from a selection of five powerful, refined and economical engines — covering an output range from 105 kW/143 hp to 225 kW/306 hp– from…


BMW 335i GT M Sport – DRIVING — 5 Comments

  1. I Always found it annoying the the Asians got the BMW 3 Series long-wheelbase available while we Europeans (read: taller people) had to buy a bigger BMW 5 series for the same space in the back.

    I don’t think that the BMW 3 Series GT is a beauty queen like a Mercedes CLS for example but it isn’t ugly either. I would definitly buy a BMW 3 series GT over a Estate version as it’s more spacious. The Estate would win for IKEA purposes but you should buy the GT with a towing hook instead.

    Great car!

  2. but the majority of M branded sales volume in the consumer market has been about marketing and aesthetics only.. I mean really, how many of their customers buy M performance wheels, rims, gear controls, power upgrades and brakes?

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