Hapkido Bong Soo Han Faixa Verde Aula 11 — 19 Comments

  1. Close.Kam 감 sa 사 hap 합 ni 니 da 다. Chu 천 man 만 e 에 yo 요 (you’re welcome).

  2. Aikido has little wasted movement. Wushu (known incorrectly as kung fu) has wasted movement. Aikidos movements are there for a reason.

  3. Try being on the receiving end of a serious hapkido practitioner’s technique.

  4. Bong Soo Han was the body double for Billy Jack in the Billy Jack movies if you ever watched them there old movies he doubled for Billy Jack in the fight scenes.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me the people who waste threir time and enery talking thrashtalkin -in your case korean (martial arts)-, and I see you have even created a channel for thsi purpose! (And on that note why am I even commenting on this??! Does that make you feel important?). Your time would be better spent on training.And I take it not in korean style;-) But thats your choice. Khamsa hamnida! (korean for “thank you”, is that fake too in your book?)

  6. Aikido has just too much wasted movement. I understand it is a refined, suttel art.I say kick them in the head punch them in the face and if that dont work shoot them in thefoot

  7. perhaps on the street they’ll hold hands, hapkido serves no actual combat, the only effective is Krav Maga CQC O

  8. standard technique teaches “qualities” of movement and thought such as mechanics, angles, body movement, combat logic etc. ..once that is understood they are used individually as needed. like the alphabet, you learn the letters in order, a.b.c.d.e.f, but you don’t create words or sentences just using letters in the sequence learned, you use them as needed. example: the stepping pattern from a wrist grab defense can be used to evade a kick, punch, or grab. the counter to each may differ greatly.

  9. On a real fight with breaking fingers, eye gauge and crotch rip/grab/hits and throat attacks you don’t want to get that close of your opponent.

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