[Where’s Shmee?] Lamborghini, Pagani and Ferrari – Episode 04

Where’s Shmee? I’m travelling around Europe in my R8 Spyder, visiting some great automotive venues and events while uploading daily coverage of my trip with …


[Where’s Shmee?] Lamborghini, Pagani and Ferrari – Episode 04 — 15 Comments

  1. hey tim would you rather have a ferrari f430 or a gallardo? (original shape)

  2. There’s a Qatari flag on the Pagani factory at 2:55. That’s pretty cool, does anyone know why?

  3. If only you managed to get into the factories too, still absolutely epic though!

  4. Too bad you could not get into the ferrari/lambo factory…it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

  5. I think Ferrari pranked you and parked that purple Panda next to your R8 lol

  6. Shmee you are living my dream. I really love cars and would love to do this sometime in the future

  7. i would rather have a honda over a ferrari lol, i hate ferraris.. lamborghini’s are too sexy

  8. I don’t really think that anyone there really cares, especially the visitors. Also, Lamborghini is owned by Audi so showing up in an R8 at the Lambo factory ain’t that bad.

  9. Being parked next to a purple Panda has to be your favorite moment, isn’t it?!

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