Mikio Yahara: Karate Genius

A documentary about Mikio Yahara sensei (Karatenomichi World Federation chief instructor). A special ‘thank you’ to documentary producer and sponsor Konstant…


Mikio Yahara: Karate Genius — 21 Comments

  1. I trained with Yahara Sensei in the old Ebisu Dojo and it amazed me that the younger male students feared both him and Abe Sensei more in the showers than they did in in the dojo. How come it has never been publicised that both these 2 high profile ex-JKA instructors are paedophiles?

  2. Только что посмотрел этот фильм на канале “Боец”! Спасибо создателям фильма: очень поучительно! Давно мы все ждали этот фильм! И это стоило ожиданий!

  3. o”sensei yahara hi is famous .the grand master in oll japan karate do .fendator.plysir to do with( kwf karate no michi ).hi have a good hart .hi is samorai ).osss sensei yahara and his staff .

  4. Браво!!!! Смотрел не моргая глаз!!! Спасибо!

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