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  1. this is actually a very good example that you gave “watch?v=DfZEuDdengc”.

    you really think this is 1) going to be possible to execute in a real fight and 2) going to impress these guys “watch?v=eQBBSLtReNk”?

    I just picked up the first vid I found, those aren’t world champions, just some average guys. But those guys have a great advantage – everything they have ever trained, they have tried in fights, each and every one of them.

  2. My point is this: there’s almost no use learning a technique that is “too dangerous” to be used in a friendly fight. The reason being, if you can’t use it in a fight, you can’t technically train to use it in a fight. May be some day when we have virtual reality..

    The moves are there, but how do you know you can use them for real if you’ve never tried them for real? You can’t. You can only use for real what you’ve already used in training, and that’ll be the “normal stuff” that you referred to

  3. ?v=8eYmDFGrsh0
    See that vid and the rest in the series, if you haven’t already. Maybe you will understand more.
    I can’t speak for others, but silat is just something I must have, but hope to not use. My dad was a silat teacher, I learned it and soon my son will too, God willing. Pesilat know just how painful it can be, so it’s purely for emergencies. Maybe you understood that, maybe not.

  4. Maybe it’s a cultural difference. Even Malaysian Chinese are not aware that when their Malay friends use silat on them, it is the play version. We use the flat of our feet and not the edge, block with our fleshy forearms and not strike with bone, our locks stop when we get a firm grip instead of going all the way and tearing muscle.
    See v=ryN2ypREsIs
    How easy it is to just rip out that arm from its socket.
    Which of those moves you think is OK to fool around with? I’d like to know

  5. Could mean you don’t see silat fighters sparring w other styles? We do, but we tend to use normal stuff like kicks, punches and knee strikes. Why not “special” silat moves?
    Watch this watch?v=DfZEuDdengc
    How exactly do you fool around with a move like that? The receiver was a black belt third stripe, the chop was a slow one, but look at the effect. You want it done full speed? Hah! Malays are not murderous. We know what silat can do. Lookit the rest of the vids. Do you want to play with them?

  6. What kinda proof are you looking for exactly? Movies and pop culture? I wouldn’t count those, if I were you. Documentaries? Search “Human Weapon” and “Fight Masters”.
    Or do you want written testimonies? If so, be disappointed. People don’t write about how they dislocated someone’s arm just before they kneed them in the head. It’s boastful, not to mention could be used as evidence.
    Do u mean in a sport or competition setting? Then search for “silat olahraga”. Many vids from Malaysia n Indonesia

  7. the question is, why isn’t there any proof? For whatever reason, legitimate or not, I’ve never seen people from this system fight full contact against anybody from outside.

    You have have pointers – please share.

  8. New for you, maybe. I learned a similar style 20 years ago. My teacher had many students before me, so it’s new only in your neck of the woods.
    If you consider it BS, it’s your call, but it’s unfortunate that you’d dismiss something just because you can’t imagine that it’s real, despite other people benefitting from this.
    Oh, about the money, I don’t know how much Maul is charging, but I paid 20 bucks a month, if I remember rightly. Yeah, big money huh.

  9. …or may be because I don’t easily believe in BS when somebody advertises their new fighting style in order to make money off the student

  10. In southern Philippines, there are groups of people for whom fighting is a way of life. Not only do they kill soldiers, but they dismember their victims. They exist even today. In fact, they cut the head off a Malaysian soldier in March 2013. The silat you see here is influenced by that culture. Yes, people still use these techniques in fights. And the winners don’t make a habit of uploading details of their fights. Maybe because your culture is tame, you can’t imagine real fights to the death

  11. do they ever try this at speed in non-staged, competitive environment when both participants aim to win?

    There are scores of systems that teach nice looking techniques, and when it’s demonstration time it always works fine. Aikido looks fantastic during demonstrations and seminars – but there’s not a single documented free full contact fight. Systema – same problem. Scores of others.

    And everybody claims grand history behind them where their system was used “in wars”.

  12. Salam99 Guru muda Maul, yes your hands n senses are pretty fast, i think the same speed ajar-ajar Guru tua megat ainuddin (born 1961) has and be honour to meet up in Kuala Lumpur,Melayu Malaysia as sohabat brotherhood silaturahim & talks & exchange demos. Solawat33

  13. used that with full speed and power….your opponent gonna take a dirt nap for the rest of his to all fighters out there.!!

  14. Fantastic!
    I’ve been practicing martial arts for more than 20 years now and I have to say that these are some of the best moves I’ve ever seen!
    The simplicity and rawness of Silat is what makes it the most efficient self defense system ever.
    Thank you for uploading!

  15. Man, I want Maul to come to California. I would love to cross train between his art and Largo Mano Eskrima.

  16. sesiapa yg bergaduh pasal silat jangan mengaku ahli silat. Ahli silat tidak bergaduh sesama sendiri tetapi saling mempelajari. Ingatan untuk saudara di nusantara.

  17. bisai silat mu atu bang..jgn tah kita ingau apa bisdia kn bepadah..urg palui memg bgitu ulahnya..

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