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  1. not true I’ve seen a few Kenpo wins in the first ufc fights. The truth is Kenpo is set up to fight ith no rules that is because it is ment for self defence out on the streats. BJJ is for tournments. Kenpo is an origonal mixed martial art to begin with. MMA dont work on the streats where you can’t tapout.

  2. You guys did not see the firt ever ufc, or early years of ufc, lot of kenpo guys partecipated, they lost, their was no rules before.

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    Jesus man, learn to spell.

  4. you know the best kenpo artists are all like that. i take this art and everyone who comes in to my instuctors class sayes it is the best martial art thay have seen. my instuctor isent fat but he is old. and this art is made so you dont stay in a fight, but instead you force your oponint to stope fighting you byone of meny ways. exaple: broken limb , k.o. , cuncushen.

  5. I’m not trying to talk negatively on the Kenpo Martial Arts, but every instructor I have watched so far has been overweight and out of shape. I don’t see how I can take a Martial Arts seriously when one can move from a 6th degree to 7th degree ranking and be as out of shape as Sean Kelley. You say Kenpo is designed for street fights. No matter how good your form may be, if you are easily winded you won’t get far, especially with more than one person against you.

  6. This video is nothing more than misc lesson & demo clips to music. Not bad. That being said, Nick Wells & SuperKenster1 have abosultely no idea what they are talking about. Either that or theyve never been to a real Kenpo school. Kenpo was not designed for Sport Competition. Kenpo, when taught by a good instructor, is one the most effective martial arts for street fights, particularily if you are force to fight off more than one person.

  7. Ah I see what it is, superfluous, nonsensical and limited rubbish based on hypothesis rather than fact.

  8. Kenpo is a non-combat art similiar to Yoga and Tai Chi with an emphasis on performing Katas on a non- moving Target in a fixed position

  9. kyukushin you mean japanese tae kwon do useless against any close range fighter like boxers bjj .as for bjj leafed thru the gracies self defense book.surprise surprise not one technique from the ground .even they state at the beggining of the book the ground is a bad place to be on todays mean streets.

  10. like the vincent price profile pic by the way.
    all martial arts have flaws as long as they work from a defensive mind set .in the street giving the opponent 1st go or going to the ground is utter bull shit.people start shit with you because they have back up 99% of the a bouncer I have seen people who thought they were “all of that” get their heads handed to them .a kyokyushinkai b.b. get knocked out in 5 seconds by a amateur boxer those guys really need to learn head defense

  11. Had to rescue one of his Black Belts in a street fight, the choreographed moves he practiced did not marry to the unpredictable conditions of a street fight, and when the fight closed to a grappling distance he was completely lost!

  12. Thank God the Gracies have defrocked these Bozos now kids can take thier parents money and instead of paying tuition to these clowns can go to a legitimate Kyukoshin or Bjj school and really learn self-defense

  13. Well I have heard that it does take bjj at least 5 years before 1st degree. But I was stating from a stand point of view.

  14. Not true at all! It depends on your progression in the art and your instructor. You may have the talent but not attitude. The avg BJJ blackbet is 10+ yrs. And 5-7 yrs to master the basics. Then adding extensions and maturity level. It took me about 5 yrs 5 days a week.

  15. Thats is part of Jeff Speakmans Kenpo 5.0 that includes ground fighting. Its called destuctive knee.

  16. i use to go like 4 times a week until i had a rib injury so ive been going to my private than 1 hour class afterwards on tuesdays

    i practice at home and just had my review. so far pretty much flawless

    the only tweeking i need really is to switch from the tae kwon do stances to the kenpo stances when it comes to certain moves

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