The Ferrari Enzo WRC — 18 Comments

  1. if your dad had “one of thos” then i would hope you could at least know how to spell “those” correctly

  2. Most People…..
    Look at people with money and think they “got lucky” or have a skill most people don’t have…..
    Is belief….
    A plan & Action …..
    Learn how a fed up Wal-Mart? Cashier quit his job 60 days after learning this simple secret…..

  3. not only that, an enzo is not something anyone can buy, ferrari will have to look you up and you will need to either have own a X amount of ferraris or if your a celeb, have a title or just have loads and loads of money, then they might approve you for purchase of an Ferrari Enzo..this car is their crown juvel..well part from the new “LaFerarri”

  4. This guy just cranks it and doesn’t crash —— the rich posers crash their cars just turning a normal corner 🙂

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