Subaru WRX Review (AWD Performance Pt.2) – Everyday Driver

In part two of our AWD Performance comparison of the Golf R, the guys spend time in a similarly priced WRX to see if this car or the EVO X is a better match …


Subaru WRX Review (AWD Performance Pt.2) – Everyday Driver — 14 Comments

  1. its so much cheaper in usa. subaru wrx awd is 45kaud here in australia. Wow the difference is massive!

  2. Design is “Busy” Im guessing these guys havent been to Japan. The Japanese LOVE scoops and vents on stuff. They came up with Gundam suits for gods sake! They put wings on top of their robots heads for no reason! XD

  3. Nice car but if you think about it, you’re really only paying for the engine and the AWD. The rest of the car has a tinker toy like quality and it’s not exactly a looker either. I definitely wouldn’t buy a regular Impreza but I would buy a regular A4/3-series instead of an S4/M3.

  4. My subie is a low maintenance girlfriend!!!!!!! I mean i do agree, we go dirty as fudge, she willing to let me molest her. Other time, we just like to sit back and kick it. 🙂
    And then there is my female girlfriend. I should trade her in for an STi, today!!!!!!

  5. For 30-31K as tested, the prospective buyer might as well jump into the base STI for 2-3K more. They’ll get a crisper 6 speed, brembo brakes, a noticeable difference in the suspension and a car that will depreciate even slower than any other Subaru (given you don’t dump tacky mods into it). I agree with the review. My 2010 WRX had a mushy transmission that was slow to engage at times; inferior to the the EVo/GTI. No sense in adding the 6 to the WRX–little differentiation to the STI after that!

  6. I’m in the same boat. Looking at the two cars they’re so close in terms of practicality and for the amount extra you pay for the marginal performance gains of the STI, it’s hard to choose.

  7. Arggh I cant decide between the wrx or shovel out the extra dough for an sti. The price difference seems huge for the benefits.

  8. 5.3 0-60 is amazing… The STI is even faster, thats really really amazing! Subaru FTW

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