Silat Fighter in the Octagon (MMA)

Silat developed in the jungles of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore (and surrounding countries). Silat fighters train not only empty hand but also with and agai…


Silat Fighter in the Octagon (MMA) — 19 Comments

  1. okay, where in that video did you see this guy do any silat?

    the little half-assed dance he did in the beginning surely isnt silat, because any fool can copy and pose in those stances.
    the way he fought surely didnt have any silat in it, more like i’ll do this stance and see what i can do with it.

    what i see is a bastardized version of “silat” much in the same way most martial arts are now a days.

  2. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHJAHHAHAHHA oh man that made my fucking day hahaha is that why Asians are always so angry?

  3. because the penis is average 3″ you have to have something to argue about.,

  4. That was a nice beat down, you fucking Asians are so funny arguing over who came up with it lol, why don’t you shut the fuck up and enjoy the video, Americans don’t care if they use other peoples Martial Arts, why should you guys?

  5. siapa la main silat ni.
    aq x suke siapa main silat just nk buat beradu
    main silat nk pertahan kan sesuatu
    bukan nk buat beradu

  6. where is the fucking crowd??
    i dont want to fight in here. you win over nothing

  7. You should watch olahraga silat, the ‘gunting’ or scissor is an olahraga move.

  8. Fuck Off..!! The Real Pecak Silat is Made In Indonesia. West Java is The Place of The Most Powerful Pencak Silat. Malay’s Pencak Silat is so Fuckin soft, No Power ( Just Dancin like Monkey ).

  9. question is, who IS the malay people? we can thank politicians for the confusion

  10. what a pity country, all the thing you do is claiming ours….. you don`t even have your own language. Yours is come from ours that separated by the colonialism, we are the central of ancient civilization, Majapahit & Sriwijaya just read the history

  11. Thank you. Just some friendly advice: Avoid biting off more than you can chew, and do some reflection on the limits of your own experiences.

  12. “is a defensive system” “won’t work in the ring” you sir, are going in my mental note book of “dumbest things people have ever said”, you get 2nd place, only because I once met a 15 year old girl who thought the sun and the moon are the same thing

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