KARATE GIRL VS STREETFIGHTER (real fight) — 24 Comments

  1. if he wanted… he could have engulfed her many a time.. in a real fight, outside of competition… she would have been eaten alive.
    i’m sorry to be so straight forward and i don’t mean to be rude in any way, shape, or form.. ur balance and concentration is what ruined you, not your technique.
    also, with his size and ability to agress.. the more logical approach would be to throw less orthodox tactics at him as u would a general opponent in your weight bracket.

  2. I lost count at the opportunities he had. First rule, when get a hold, don’t let go! Girl clearly won in my book.

  3. Her cries are a technique done by many of the more traditional Eastern martial arts (TKD, Karate, etc) to unsettle her opponent. It is deliberate and a legitimate technique.

  4. Its says that the guy is a streetfighter, he is not a mma fighter, he has no skill of any kind

  5. God he was pathetic, lol, he didnt do sqat shit than rage a couple times. The girl was pretty beast for real, bouncing everywhere, just got annoying with her little cries she did with her punching.

  6. I don’t consider this to be fair for this guy!!! the girl kicked his ass!!!!

  7. …Street fighter? more like catfighter…he threw no punches he was slapping! for crying outloud.she had some nice kicks and punches..but if only he could do the same to her without the world saying something negative about him beating her up FOR REAL. Now heres my judgement..this wasnt a fight Guy is obviously scared or restricted on ALOT of things…Girl like i said she had some nice punches and kicks…Guy would’ve won if he wasnt so scared or being restricted on “STREETFIGHTING”

  8. she is the winner she beeted his as so bad
    i played martial art all my life and i can tell she wins

  9. I thought she needed to protect her face while doing the round house. Her punching would get much better if she crossed trained in Boxing. With that said, she is a great fighter and she clearly out-classed a lowly to zero trained fighter. Great job girl, you kicked @ss.

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