WATCH: Road Rage Suspect Fires Shots

A case of road rage escalated into gunplay after shots were fired near Newport, N.C., on Sunday.

Carteret County deputies searched for two suspects — a man and a woman — and released cell phone video of the incident. WITN reported that both suspects turned themselves in at Lenoir County Courthouse on Monday. Charges are pending.

Footage of the incident shows a white man with light brown hair and a goatee confront a younger-looking man in a pickup truck and accuse him of trying to “run [him] off the road.”

The male suspect appears to punch the driver, but the victim and a witness get out of the car and proceed to beat the suspect, who is knocked into his own vehicle and then onto the ground. At that point, the female suspect appears to hand the man a gun, which he then fires into the pickup truck.

No one was hurt by the gunfire.

North Carolina has a concealed carry permit law for handguns and requires background checks. According to the North Carolina Department of Justice, the state also requires that the permit holder “not suffer from any physical or mental infirmity that prevents the safe handling of a handgun” and complete a firearms safety training course.

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