Pencak Silat VS Karate Kyokushinkai — 13 Comments

  1. and besides its the one who has the best strategic brain that wins ,not the style

  2. baku are u sad that karate didn’t win?truth is that there is no ultimate style,otherwise MMA would use it ,they mix styles,like JKD where it came from,the only difference is some systems are pacifically designed,e.g combat ones ,silat,CQB,kali and sports ones judo,karate etc.Though today its hard to tell as so many have copied others and some don’t even look like the original

  3. the problem with karate is that the strong stance martial arts simply aren’t combat effective. There are really no fakes, no strategy, it’s just brute strength and aiming for the one knockout punch or kick. It’s so rigid that it really only works against other karate fighters. I did Karate and Tae Kwon Do for about 5 years before giving up thanks to the lack of application, and now I do JKD kali and silat.

  4. Tigers are bigger than lions. Each are equally effective at killing things… your point is moot. Silat is not better than Karate :

  5. think they should set the rules before it does.. i did kyokushin 1 years and i did silat for 10 years.. the different is the main set of silat fighter is knocking down the opponent is the dead of opponents, which will give 3 points.. counter attacking after defense 2 points, hits in 1 points.. & kyokushin don’t have a lesson of knocking down opponents, all about hitting & parrying points which is 1..

  6. I agree with both of your comments, I myself have done traditional Shotokan for more than 9 years before studying other things, I also have a friend who studied in Kyokushin. This guy in my opinion isn’t doing either of the two nor shares any similarities even if he somehow did cross train in both I see nothing that hints that he has done either of those specific styles. I’d honestly believe it more if this video said Taekwondo considering how his stance is.

  7. i might be the only one but i dont think that black belt was quite worthy of his title as his stances were quite off.

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