2013 Nissan GT-R Black Edition: World’s Greatest Super Car Bargain – Ignition Episode 10 — 21 Comments

  1. Hey look, i’m not a guy that goes looking for trouble, But when trouble finds me, i give it back, you can’t say you don’t do the same.


    The GTR is just a fast car, it’s the same for a Corvette. Nothing is soulful or artistic about them.

  2. Im not triyng to go against your opinion of the supra and i respect it, but how is it better than an R35 GTR????????

  3. While it may be true that most people think of buying a lamborghini before they even think of buying the GTR, the lambo is a hypercar meaning that it looks better than it drives. that is the story with almost all italian supercars. Whith the GTR you get performence, practicality and its pretty good looking

  4. Roadrace, I love Corvette ZR1. I’m the one who said that on most road course race tracks that the ZR1 with it huge weight to horsepower advantage wins. I think the gtr, ZR1, and new Viper are all great value for the money.

  5. Except me, for one of many. The Nissan GTR is my supercar of choice.
    Bang for the buck? Ya’ can’t beat it.

  6. So that makes you a shit kicker, that`s one of many reasons you and altimgamr stink like feces. The Nissan GTR is the last thing people think of when it comes to supercars…lol.

  7. Hey man how you doing?

    You should see all the shit i’ve kicked up on the other video of the GTR vs ZR1 full mile. LOL.

    Anyway this video is cool, i’ve just finished watching another video of a GTR crushing a ZR1 on a roll! That’s right not a dig but a roll!

  8. I just hope they get R34 back as R36 which is fully upgraded and way way faster.

  9. exactaly what I was bout to say because the supra was my fav until I met the gtr then it was love

  10. gtr did 718 on the ring according to motortrend and zr1s run of 719 was done using non stock tires a stiffer suspension and lighter seats according to wikipedia

  11. Please peg your GTR against the new Renault Alpine (once sorted out-or the Le Mans race version)…French-Japanese cars; two legendary name plates, somewhat of a different car philosophy (I would hope), but the same manufacturer. That could make for an interesting comparison.

  12. i like how you didn’t mention driver shifting ability for quarter mile time, and then raced it in auto… this is why everyone watches top gear and not this shit

  13. Yes. Laguna Seca is a fairly technical track with a few tight turns and the lighter cars like ZR1 and SRT kick gtr’s butt. All the gtr technology and all wheel drive cannot compensate for the gtr being 700+ lbs heavier when going around a corner, that’s just plain physics.

  14. Motortrend beat the GTR in both the Viper TA and ZR1 around Laguna Seca… in fact RP set production car records in those cars but not the GTR. That’s not to say the GTR is a bad car- it’s a great car. But it’s not the end all be all on EVERY track. That’s silly.

  15. Altigamr, was r35 gtr about 7:19 nurburging ring ? What was ZR1’s time ? I agree, the ZR1 has huge weight to hp ratio advantage over the 700 lb heavier gtr and gtr with 90 hp less as well, kudos to gtr !

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