Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE vs Ford Mustang GT Track Pack! – Head 2 Head Episode 25

The Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE battles the Ford Mustang GT on this episode of Head 2 Head. These two contenders have a long storied history together dating back…


Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE vs Ford Mustang GT Track Pack! – Head 2 Head Episode 25 — 20 Comments

  1. I have been wanting to ask this to a rational GTR fan….I get a lot of strange troll replies when I ask this….note, it’s not a GTR slam…

    On VIR, a 4 mile road course, the 2013 GTR beat the Camaro ZL1 by only 2.8 seconds. Does that make you frown at the GTR, or smile and the ZL1? Keeping in mind the ZL1 is 50k cheaper, and the reviewers said the ZL1 felt better to drive, was more comfortable, and easier to live with day to day.
    Just curious as to a GTR fans thoughts on that.

  2. I’ve had a ride in a GT-R dumbass. And you ain’t going to burst my bubble. Why do you have one?

  3. The Boss mustang is over priced and has too many transmission problems so Ford would not allow use in this comparison testing. They knew the transmission would fail during track use. Tons of videos on youtube if the Boss Mustang on tracks having transmission problems. Search “Boss 302 Mustang transmission problems” on you tube AND on Google to see first hand just how many Boss mustangs have trans issues. Worse than the GTR when it first came out here in states.

  4. So many STUPID comments on here. The 1 LE Camaro is.definitely as better car than Mustang GT with junk track package. The GT track package only had FRONT Brembo calipers and standard junk single piston ford calipers on back. The Camaro has better brakes, suspension, motor, interior and better rear differential . The Boss mustang it’s being eliminated foyer 2014 . The boss mustang had a huge class action lawsuit going on because of the trans problems. Ford outsourced transmission from China.

  5. 1le is the way to go! Just bolt on a super charger and u will probably beat the zl1

  6. I will once you grow up and realize you’re just a dumb ass child. Oh yea, love to burst your bubble….You will never own anything that came with a GT-R badge on it from the factory.

    You can put it on your sentra where ever you find space but you’ll never have the real thing, enjoy being poor forever.

  7. @upsat urlife aka pharoahsmn. Tsk tsk, nobody’s gonna kill themselves because they don’t have your 11 year old Trans Am or your 51 year old Impala or your imaginary track destroying Corvette. Get a life then get a job then get a car from this century. No one’s trembling here.

  8. Come on man I love both the mustang and the camaro, but I hate the f-150 but love the silverado. Ima a Chevy man but respect the ford car line up. I love American!

  9. It’s a stock base SS with no package, it also doesn’t handle nearly as well. My god you are really retarded, no wonder you think you can get away with lying.

  10. Chevrolet had to add 3.91s to the Camaro. And most people who buy these things “race” stoplight to stoplight.

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