Aikido, The Samurai Spirit

Recomendado, esta muy bien explicado. La traduccion es normal, espero que les guste! Good, very well explained. The translation is normal, I hope you like it…


Aikido, The Samurai Spirit — 17 Comments

  1. hey up megalion yes when you first start aikido it’s a lot different to karate it’s more advanced mistakes can happen during practicing you have ukemi which can be difficult your body has to get used to doing breakfalls.. which you my have practiced in your first lesson…. more you practice better you become as you progress ?

  2. I have a little question: Was it a bit difficult for you to learn Aikido when you were a novice? I am a novice, and it´s a little difficult, but it´s just practice, right?

  3. hey up bassaxe it’s took some time for him to get blocked but that’s his fate he kept far too many joker cards close to his chest and when he got found out got blocked from you tube that’s what he gets for spamming /trolling / arguing

  4. I am going to practice it tomorrow in Chile. Aikido is a beautiful non violent art! Thanks for your answer dear Sensei!! 🙂

  5. there’s nothing mystical or magical about aikido it’s just using your attackers energy power aggression against them…. using there own momentum with irimi / kuzushi then with your own techinques ?

  6. it’s so good to see darkwaterincor has been blocked for breaking rules and regulations of you tube…. that’s his own problem for thinking he was untouchable by leaving abusive comments on every you tube blog spoiling for everyone else who are willing to have a genuine conversation

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