Dutch Open 2013 Taekwondo Final Aaron Cook vs Yunus Sari, -80KG — 17 Comments

  1. i think that 3 points should count !! it seems that the head shot is indeed effective !

  2. Fast but little accuracy, poor distance. They both got a good work out though. I think Aaron has been better against other players. Real Taekkyeon training would help.

  3. nothing like a friendly game of laser tag with your feet… how is this supposed to be martial arts again?! there is no technique whatsoever, there is a complete lack of blocking, there is a complete lack of range control and hand control.

  4. looked like a valid head kick from this angle, his head gear moved

  5. Sari indicated to his coach that he thought it was the calf that hit his head which is not a valid score. It has to make contact with a part of the foot below the ankle bone. Gutting for sure, but I thought his leg curled around

  6. Yes, they had video replay, and it took them a while to come to that conclusion.

    , I have the kick from a different angle, if i see that people are interested enough then i shall upload it :).

  7. i think that you can fall when you kick although you can get a half point deduction , so a 4 point head shot but loose half a point so should still gain three and a half points ,

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