2013 Maserati Granturismo Sport: The Seduction of Italian Luxury – Ignition Episode 39 — 13 Comments

  1. Have to agree with everything he says. He forgot to mention though that the suspension stiffens in Sport mode, much softer in regular mode (maybe a bit too soft). Maserati is going to have some great new updates and brand new models this year and into next.

  2. I just bought this car, in black, for $150,800 a few days ago. I wish I could afford a 458 Spider… One day!

  3. How am I portraying ignorance?
    Ironically, your comments are the ones portraying ignorance. Your first comment was just flat out dumb I mean man… Its a grand tourer its not supposed to be super fast.

    And then I’ll get all grammar Nazi, what the fuck is “?..” that’s horrible punctuation. And “Im” it’s I’m. Also the I in ignorant should be lower case. Where did you get your brain, bingo?

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