Lingerie Womens Football Highlights — 25 Comments

  1. Do you not understand what this is? This has nothing to do with football.

  2. i bet they take thier training very seriously though…… gig if your one of those female athletes that can take those hits….gotta be crazy for thier personal life too..good and bad. …..if you know what i mean… ;

  3. the father is so proud of his daughter.,..ahhahahah….stupid shamelesssssss dumb americans…:P

  4. FUCK THIS! Have the women dress like the men do, or have the men wear equally provocative equipment. Anyone who has ever participated in or enabled this has very serious issues.

  5. Lmfao alright kudos to you that absolutely made up for spelling daughter wrong

  6. why aren’t the ogre women playing line, all they need is actual clothes

  7. it was due entirely to luck that i made my way to youtube. i would go and read a dictionary but i am actually illiterate

  8. They don’t understand the way they dress isn’t actually supposed to make them feel good

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