Karate Kid III Training — 16 Comments

  1. esta pelicula me hace acordar cuando practicaba karate,yo veo esta pelicula y digo mi verdadero karate kid es asi,yo soy daniel san y mi sensei miyagi,

  2. To those of you that think Kata is stupid, Mister Myagi knows what he is doing when he teaches Daniel. After all, he did beat Mike Barnes and both of his sensei’s, at the same time! He’s been doing martial arts his whole life and all its’ gotten him was a dead wife and kid from a war. He wants to leave behind the beauty of Martial arts that gave him a reason to live on. Most of you know nothing of real martial arts because It went from healing the spirit to useless UFC & MMA trophies.

  3. Man, you´re complete right, and all of us must never forget that, NEVER EVER! Thumbs up for you (b)

  4. It is really what martial arts is all about. I also teach martial arts. It has gone to production.. too much about money.. we forget it is about learning the art and not about making money.. The Karate Kid movies shows the true bond between the teacher and the student.. This movie is what inspired me to study.. made me believe…

  5. Best scene from Karate Kid III ! Not as good as the scene from the first movie… but the song last much longer!

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