Jiu-Jitsu Vs. Hapkido

Rorion Gracie Vs. instructor d Hapkido es evidente k en este combate el instructor d hapkido no tiene ni idea d que hacer cuando es llevado al piso.


Jiu-Jitsu Vs. Hapkido — 13 Comments

  1. who you were fighting was not a true hapkido Master as we do not fight that way.We have our own jiu-jitsu and would be more than a match for anyone.Maybe you should try and fight someone who knows more than just Tae kwon do point fighting.This person knew very little to nothing about Hapkido.

  2. Uma coisa eu não entendo, o cara passa a vida dele toda treinando jiu jitsu não tinha mais merda nenhuma pra fazer e desafia um INSTRUTOR?
    Queria ver a familia grace infrentar um excelente lutador de Jeet Kune Do ou de Kyokushin, desde sempre eles só enfrentaram lutadores ridiculos que não sabem socar ou chutar.

  3. “His years of training are useless now” …Well so are yours when his mate runs up and kicks or stomps you if this were in a street fight. Last time I checked, ground grappling isn’t the best to be in a fight, maybe in MMA….But surely not outside where it counts.

  4. Each fighting style has a strong/weak point. Personally, I will not say one martial art is superior than another.

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