WTF TAEKWONDO 2011- Wonderful Moves

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WTF TAEKWONDO 2011- Wonderful Moves — 20 Comments

  1. I started taekwondo when I was 7, I’m black belt now but I’m not as good as I could be, considering I have been practising it for 10 years now… I work hard and do my best to get better every day though ^^

  2. i am sorry i didnt ment to be rude i didn’t call YOU a retard i just called if someone(well that is what i meant) i am so sorry for typing it wrong:S

  3. excuse me, but are you educated? how can you be rude like that while I was asking for one thing i didnt know? Do you know DKM, CLMM, CLGT? yah, you dont? and i’ll call you retarded, how do you feel?

  4. world Taekwondo Federation. but if you are retarded you can just say what the fck

  5. I see what you’re saying. But taekwondo is for everyone, doesn’t matter how young or old you are!

  6. I think starting age is relative meaning 15 is better then 20..but 10 is better then 15 and so on…and yes I am 4th Dan

  7. Yeah its better to start young i agree but 15 its good to begin no ?
    You are black belt then ? What dan ?

  8. The younger the better to start actually. The younger makes for longer practice. I started at age 10 and have been practicing for 24 Years

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