korean tigers (taekwondo) — 14 Comments

  1. さすが韓国ダンスがうまい!現場主義じゃないこの、数々のフィクション技は体得実にご苦労であった

  2. you are all idiots who say there is a better martial arts than some others no martial art is better every martial arts has its advantages and disadvntages i respect all of them.tkd is very fast but lacks power due to speed aikido has some very good ground techniques but lacks kicks and power,kung fu is very fast with good hands but lacks heavy attacks it is based on winning with defense techniques,capoeira is very stealthy and delivers the most powerful kicks but lacks speed and technique etc:)

  3. this is mainly tricking and not real tkd i dont know tkd i do capoeira but believe me they are capable fighters and maybe those tricks werent for fight but those kicks they would deliver would be 10 times heavier than a normal kick ou are not supposed to fight like that but if you use one of those tricks wisely you could knock out someone easily

  4. Face reality, try and kick an experienced Shotokan practitioner above the beltline and the fight is over for you, never mind putting TKD up against any other martial art that has its roots in the practical aspects of ‘martial’, as opposed to show fighting. Nothing wrong with TKD when it’s practitioners keep their proper perspective as to its purpose. Probably want to keep your ego in your pants though when it comes to the martial side of it, as TKD has no history, or practical value in that.

  5. Dam I do miss it but all I fk now is train on my own even tho I went thru it all for 13 years it was a lot tougher to achieve to a new level and belt then now adays. All the parent needs is the money not many strict teachers that take pride in teaching anymore

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