New Acura NSX, 2013 Prius C, Buick’s Own “Juke”, Lincoln MKZ Concept, & Hump Day GOTW!

The new Acura NSX concept is all up in Detroit, there is another Prius, yes ANOTHER! Buick wants to step in on the Juke, BMW X1, and Audi Q3’s game. Ford say…


New Acura NSX, 2013 Prius C, Buick’s Own “Juke”, Lincoln MKZ Concept, & Hump Day GOTW! — 13 Comments

  1. @gordonfan1095…I know..All I care about is that Acura is still making performance cars and keeping the performance cars alive instead of them all getting replaced by all this hybrid go-cart junk that I see everywhere nowadays…As long as we don’t have cars that are spewed onto the market that look like a deformed VW bug I’m good!!!….Bring on the performance cars…don’t care who makes it… Ford, Chevrolet ,Honda/Acura Ferrari just keep making them please!!!!!!!

  2. haha I’m there with ya. in fact that’s why i hate korean cars so much. but HONDA reserves the right to do that haha!!

  3. The new Acura nsx looks like a wanna be Audi R8….I hate when car companies copy designs just like when every car manufacturer copied the 7 series BMW.

  4. who are the idiots complaining about the desk? this is a car show! unless you’re suggesting carbon fiber or carbotanium desks, who cares what type of desk is on this show.

  5. Gee thanks for replying Derek. I know its supposed to be fun but personal opinion is you overdid it this one.. Still I probably wouldnt watch FLD with out ur highness XD

  6. why? we are talking about cars, CARS!! Not death and destruction, what’s to take serious? It’s suppose to be fun…still appreciate you watching

    -Derek D.

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