Kung fu VS Karate Sparring Tournament – Competition

Sifu Tom Lugo-point sparring competition highlights at the 2nd Annual Allentown Karate Tournament. Tom Lugo (black and red kung fu uniform) took first place. Integrated Kung Fu Academy located Rhythmic Visions Dance Center (MacDade Crossing Shopping Center- where the Bally’s is located) 1300 Mac Dade Blvd. Woodlyn 19094 in Delaware County PA www.integratedkungfu.org You will learn self defense, increase flexibility, gain confidence, and become physically fit. We specialize in Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu), Kickboxing (combat), Fitness & Personal Training, Self Defense, Combat Applications, Qin Na (joint holds/locks), Chi Sau (sticky hands training), Pressure Points, Sparring, Shuai Jiao (Chinese grappling), Weapons Training, Qigong, Meditation, and more. We offer on-going Kung Fu, MMA, Grappling/Wrestling, Kickboxing, Cardio-Kickboxing, and Children’s Kung Fu classes in Delaware County Pennsylvania. www.integratedkungfu.org

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