2012 BMW M5 track test drive and 0-100km/h

2012 BMW M5 at Marulan Driver Training Centre test track, with 0-100km/h acceleration. For the full review head over to: performancedrive.com.au


2012 BMW M5 track test drive and 0-100km/h — 5 Comments

  1. That track isn’t suited to that car, you’re better off with a mini cooper s, not a power circuit

  2. Nice vid mate. What a weapon…shame the LCT in Australia pushes it well over $200k.

  3. Correction – You could “have” not you “could of”

    Grammar is down in the dumps these days.

  4. every time i see this M5 on youtube it seems quite small and not very special but in reality is different ,trust me is massive looks very sporty as well,i like it anyway is a nice car.

  5. Wow, thought this video would be one of those lame versions, just featuring a few steps on the throttle, revving up the engine at a standstill. But I like it, though with the F10, I’ve heard Top Gear say it’s possible to amplify the engine noise through the car’s audio system – that’s just stupid, why not just stick to the real deal? The engine seems to put out a fantastic “au naturel” soundtrack…

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