Taekwondo Inside Crescent Kick Tutorial (Kwonkicker)

This is a detailed Taekwondo Kickboxing tutorial for the “Inside Crescent Kick” (aka “Inside to Outside CrescentKick”), effective in Kickboxing, MMA & Olympic style competition. Click here for more detailed martial arts tutorials by Kwonkicker: www.youtube.com FAQs: Q: Where can I buy one of those kicking dummies? A: You can by a Body Opponent Bag (BOB) by going here: www.centurymartialarts.com Q: What is in the base of the BOB/Bag? A: It is filled with around 270lbs of all-purpose sand.


Taekwondo Inside Crescent Kick Tutorial (Kwonkicker) — 17 Comments

  1. If it’s the same thing that I have, you’re doing nothing wrong. It’s a malformation of the hip that 1/4 of the population has…As long as you don’t feel alot of pain while feeling the pop, you have nothing to worry about!

  2. Hey when ever i do this kick, i feel a sort of popping in my hip, do you know what it is I am doing wrong?

  3. this is my favorite tae kwon do kicc. I havent mastered the jumpin spinning inside to outsid crescent kicc yet. but I WILL thanks to these tutorials!

  4. Can you make a tutorial on the crescent kick used in tkd sparring when the opponent is very near u? i tink its called euro crescent or something?

  5. Does anyone have experience using this kick with the front leg? I see them use a kick like this in Taekkyon.

  6. step 1: take a step haha sorry I just had to say it, but great tutorial

  7. i actually think this kick is actually great for getting out of certain clinches.

  8. Damn, your tutorials are just perfect … at least for me, i could do most of kicks … but now when I saw your technique, I started to see that mine technique have few gaps, but thanks to Your videos I learnt a bit more, and I feel difference in effectivness.

  9. im sorry but if any of those crescents he threw connected with your face you would be snorting gravel

  10. i have seen this kick being used efectively in a few competicions
    but it was used at close range and in the middle of a punching set
    it rarely KO but it realy sneaks up on you since you are concentrated on guarding punches from up close
    i dont know how efective it would be in martial arts with few punches like taekwondo

  11. I’m not sure how likely that is… It looks like it’d be hard to really generate enough power with such a movement. Even the gentleman in yonder video says it’s not a very effective kick.

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