Taekwondo Tornado Crescent Kick Tutorial (Kwonkicker)

This is a detailed Taekwondo Kickboxing tutorial for the “Tornado Crescent Kick” (aka “Tornado Outside to Inside CrescentKick”), effective in Kickboxing, MMA & Olympic style competition. Click here for the basic Outside to Inside crescent kick tutorial: www.youtube.com Click here for more detailed martial arts tutorials by Kwonkicker: www.youtube.com FAQs: Q: Where can I buy one of those kicking dummies? A: You can by a Body Opponent Bag (BOB) by going here: www.centurymartialarts.com Q: What is in the base of the BOB/Bag? A: It is filled with around 270lbs of all-purpose sand.


Taekwondo Tornado Crescent Kick Tutorial (Kwonkicker) — 15 Comments

  1. I do this kick a lot, it’s easy once you achieve your strength and flexibility for a good outside crescent kick, however its a hard kick to hit your target, but if you strike with the heel you can kill someone with it, I have no doubts!

  2. I think you should show us how we could place thos kicks (I mean the fancy, one like tornado kick) in a taekwondo competition or in the ring.

  3. i can do a crescent high kick but cant do a high roundhouse not flexible enough. is there any way to make it easier? or cheat maybe lol

  4. Does anyone know what that “dummy” thing he uses is called and where I can get one? Cheers

  5. hi!
    don’t you usually pull your leg back instead of doing the full spin after hitting the target?

  6. anything i can do on tekken 3 playstation with hwarong this guy can do in r.l

  7. Yeah, I had a similar experience. By the time I started Taekwondo, the students were surprised I could do it so well. Though I must admit, the tornado roundhouse is more challenging.

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