Borat – S02E04 – Hobbies (FUNNIEST EVER) — 15 Comments

  1. Da fuck??!? Who the hell would say children?…oh ya a pedo, that dude is even more perverted than borat lol´╗┐

  2. My girlfriend is Arabic … they shut up when you tell them to…´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  3. Many hobbies in kasakstan… Disco dancing archary´╗┐ RAPE wtf? Haha and table tennis hahahaha lmfao

  4. He was´╗┐ smelling Cohen’s crotch and wasn’t trying to be funny about it. The man clearly has issues.

  5. seriously what the fuck?! Children!? they said have a sound and´╗┐ you come up with the creepiest word you can come up with

  6. You can like children without´╗┐ wanting to fuck them you silly cocksucker.

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