carotid artery choke by Krav Maga Street Defence — 14 Comments

  1. This choke is extremely dangerous but thats the kinda guy i sm so it is what it is

  2. sometimes people check these vids out to learn how to attack people, so i dunno.

  3. Actually it only really take 15-20 seconds to do serious brain damage. If you hold it for over a minute it would be the biggest miracle of life if that person isn’t dead, and if you hold it for a couple minutes or longer…they’re not coming back…ever.

  4. Most people including instructors aren’t aware of the dangers of this choke. The carotid artery contains barorecepters which if shockeed can cause blood pressure to plummet and the heart will stop.

    External pressure to the arteries can also loosen any fatty deposit (atherosclerosis) which may naturally be broken down and instead cause massive stroke.

    Basically don’t volunteer for this.

  5. yes. all arteries are major areas for blood, and since the carotid artery is one that leads to the brain, compressing it for a long enough time will make the brain begin to die

    FYI do not do this please if your searching this to attack someone

  6. Great video,but is there possibility to kill person after doing this choke ???

  7. Is this a more energy conservative technique compared to the more common choke where you use both hands to do it? One hand to coil around his neck and the other pushs his head downward.

  8. o cara tem que ser pescoço de frango pra apagar num estrangula desse vem apagar aqui nois e do jiu jitsu kkk

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