2011 Subaru WRX vs WRX STI — 7 Comments

  1. Both lady and woman have annoying voices and actions. I was expecting you see a race between the 2 subarus WRX, and the STI. Very lame video I would not watch it again.

  2. mine has a smaller intercooler yet it has over 300 whp (STi has 305 bhp so obv less to the wheels)…granted i will need to upgrade it in a couple years when it falls apart lol

  3. i mean you dont even get that feature on a lamborghini, porsche, or audi R8.. mark my words, that feature is the evolution of AWD systems.. in a couple years, all the higher-end AWD sports cars will have this feature (and probably charge it as a 5-10k option, depending on manufacturer i.e. Audi vs Lamborghini)

  4. do you have access to the dyno results and a video of them testing to send me, like a link? i gotta see this to believe this. i thought the wrx was a 2.0L and the sti was a 2.5L and different turbos so different intercoolers, that plus an advanced driver controlled adjustable torque distributor, i mean displacement (i think), larger turbo system(i know), and advanced torque vectoring cannot add up to nothing.. the sti simply MUST be more powerful than the wrx, in terms of engine..

  5. im close to getting my degree in mechanical/aerospace engineering, and i would go so far as to say that center console mounted driver-controlled on-the-fly manual center diff torque distributor is the biggest and baddest engineering feature of this car. i am in awe that they only charge apx 7k more for the sti

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