Roanoke Street Racing: Just Showin’ Off A Lil Bit — 19 Comments

  1. sick car but i like the subaru sti now thats a fast car stock haha but that was still a sick mustang 5 stars=)

  2. All of you would get your feelings hurt up here In Winchester, VA…….Home of the fastest street cars

  3. idk how this is a promoted video. but it is horrible. plus the guy hasn’t logged on youtube for 3 years. probably was doing something stupid like making a video during the daytime without his tags covered and got caught.

  4. man thats pretty sweet yall should take a trip to hampton and come to the car shows we have on sat nites

  5. ur one of the reasons there are so many cops on williamson now. way to ruin it for everyone

  6. 65 fastback black with gold strips come get some u fucking bitch salem va bitch that shit cant do anything with my stang bitch

  7. my dudes got a black honda accord, part of the Xclusive Team out of Northwest.. im promoting “Xclusive DVD: From Northwest To Southeast At 160”.. interested on a 1/2 mile down and back??

    holla at me

  8. I had forgot about this….ha ha funny. That cobra looks kind of slow actually. bigtimingnoke… LoL

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