Let’s Play Kendo Rage (1): School Girls And Ghosts!

Let us all pray there is no tentacle monster in this game… Pimping Iron Grip Shards again! I’ll only be posting the link every few videos now, be sure to visit it regularly though!: www.isotx.com


Let’s Play Kendo Rage (1): School Girls And Ghosts! — 25 Comments

  1. yes back when Let’s Play was all the rage and i had a Epic channel before i closed it. -_-‘

  2. Yeah, pretty much. The original version of this game, for anyone interested, revolves around this girl named “Mai” who is actually a skilled member of her school’s Kendo club that is given strange powers by a private investigator of the Spirit World named Doro (the guy this game calls Bob), and is tasked to discover why spirit activity has been so restless lately and to hunt down the monster leading this spirit revolt.

  3. “… but you can call me Bob.” and from then on, the game reveals it’s awesome (cough cough cough cough) sense of humor!

  4. This game is so hilarous!!!

    “We are DOOMED!!!”

    lesson: never let a valley girl do such a work.

    Hiundai!!!! This game cites many cars.

    The only game I played with a girl character starring on it.

  5. omg its bob
    oh crap the world so N.A.S.A and the army’s of the world are absent to a Ice-cake party and ur not invited so the leave the world in the hands
    of you (yay..) so the hand you a stick and a pedophile master and ur rocking yeah that’s the plot of 70% of all games

  6. The translation of this game is on par with Samurai Pizza Cats.

    That is to say, they tossed out the script and came up with everything on their own.

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