FIA GT Onboard Race highlights from Adria, Porsche 997 RSR

Race highlights from round 7 of the FIA GT championship 2007 at Adria in Italy. Car: #99 Tech 9 Porsche 997 RSR Drivers: Sean Edwards and Leo Machitski Result: P5 in GT2.


FIA GT Onboard Race highlights from Adria, Porsche 997 RSR — 21 Comments

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  2. nice racing guys, from this angle its unbelievably faster than from cameras around the track. pity that in TV you cannot see that angle for this long time.

  3. men i have a question for you you are in a porshe and you got easily the ferrari yould you like to go on ather team or car or maybe to be in ather category

  4. hopefully I’ll be in FIA GT in few years and as good as you as I really look up to you.

  5. What i cant put my finger onto is how a porsche just sounds the part, I was brought up around six cylinder cars, I just dont know wat it is but i love porsche. And all the other cars too.

  6. The United States is so isolated from the world. Even Chinese can see FIA GT championship from TV and see racing in reality.

  7. very nice , excellent insight to the championship from in car . well done, thanks for sharing

  8. if they put a derived gt1 engine into the 997 gt2 rs it will be the widowmaker the 993 gt2 always was. One can only hope. What a sound

  9. At what rpm are you guys changing gears in 997 RSR? I heard that the car’s engine cut-off kicks in at 9400rpm, but are you climbing that high during a FIA GT race?

  10. Nah, sequential boxes, the computer blips for a split sec to match revs, i think.

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