BMW M5 Ring Taxi Nürburgring 28/06/08 Nordschleife — 14 Comments

  1. Not really…..all the Ring Taxi drivers are good. Just because Sabine is a woman and is famous (and she likes to show boat and drift) it doesn’t make her a better a driver 😉

  2. Went to the ring in 2009 on my gsxr 1000. I had just pinned the throttle after aremburg and noticed a car in my mirrors. I had the throttle to the stop through the camber changes down to the foxhole, checked my mirrors again after getting through the corner and had a bit of a surprise to see a white bmw darting past me to my left. As it past me I realised it was the ring taxi and was like “oh right!”. By the time I got to adenau the taxi was long gone and all that was left was thick tyre smoke!

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