Bentley Continental SuperSport v Ferrari 599 HGTE v Aston Martin DBS (PART 2) — 23 Comments

  1. man love them all!!! i just ordered a 458 italia but then it will take me another 13month before it get here so am thinking about geting a 599 gtb instead and go tuned it with SP what you guy think?? help me choose……

  2. Except when its raining…. which it is all the time, so Bentley everyday of the year for me

  3. I choose the Aston, speed isn`t important to me 🙂
    I only care about look of interior and exterior and handling ;)))

  4. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I’m a little biased being a bentley owner. Sure the ferrari is nice, but it’s not that practical if you don’t have a massive amount of money. The aston martin is nice as well but from experience, they aren’t very reliable. The bentley is beautifully luxurious with a sporty side. It’s obviously not as sporty as the aston or ferrari but it’s much more reliable.

  5. Hah. How can you pick an Aston or a Bentley above a Ferrari. I feel like they Bentley is the weakest of the three. Aston’s are beautiful but not like a Ferrari or as speedy 🙂

  6. @0TheLostArtist0 for comfort and speed combined; bentley for great looks and comfort; aston for handling and speed; ferrari

  7. that was ridiculous performance in the drag race from the bentley dispite being 2247 kg, it still kept in front the whole way through due to its massive amount of torque and the use of its 4wheel drive system, and im sorry but the dbs was slow as hell my god i didnt think the race would be that bad in favor of the aston, but i love all these cars and id take them all i love their looks, comfort, performance, etc

  8. i know my uncle has one and a 458 italia and even thoughthe ferrari is quicker i think the aston is better due to its beutiful looks and sound

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