Beijing Wushu Team Tour 2005

a short experimental video of their performance i shot and edited for my intro. to video production class. it’s totally cool to share the link, but since the original footage is copyrighted by, please do not repost this video without their permission. full dvd of performance can be purchased at:


Beijing Wushu Team Tour 2005 — 21 Comments

  1. yes correct sanda is the fighting part but wushu (above vid) are all performance oriented. And most if not ALL beijing wushu athlethes practice all their time in performance type coz it requires alot more effort and time into it, so they dont practice sanda. Well said bro nice =)

  2. Nice vid! Music nicely complements the action. These ppl are amazing, nvm if it’s showform. If only my Chinese wife could do this, but her only kung fu is in being a couch potatoe >_<

  3. i think you’re talking about traditional wushu, modern wushu is more like sport that why they tried to make it wushu one of the olympics sport

  4. when you learn wu shu you learn tao lu witch are the things they are doing in the video and you all so learn sanda and chin na witch is really good for fighting and lots off other stuff, like tai chi,qi gong and bagua

  5. show man shut you’re fucking mould bitch wushu is the best of the best the mother of all martial arts so shut up mother fucker i got lesson from he jing de an thats no bull shit like my ass bitch

  6. chinese martial arts is dying, what you see is just that stupid shit here, why are people calling that wushu? this is bullshit.

  7. Yes but a way different generation ofcourse, Jet Li quit competing (for the Beijing Wushu Team) in 1979 if I’m not mistaken 🙂

  8. I was disappointed that both Xu ding Yuan and Shao Chang Jun didn’t do their staff forms.

  9. zui quan means Drunken Fist. that dude is holding a sword, so hes probably doing a drunken sword. I dont even know if it exists though.

  10. Cool, I thought Lu Xiao Lei and Miao were the stars of the show, and Xu Ming Hu to a certain extent.

  11. I was there in 2005 live. it looked so much beter in reel life.thank you for bringing back memiores

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