Official Lux Model Reel for | Directed by Mike Ho

The official model reel of Lux for Director: Mike Ho Song: Trouble – EC Twins ft. Shakeh Grip/Lighting: Frank Trenado MUA: Gaby Ramos Hair: Al Ingram Special thanks to for sponsoring the opening motorcycle scene, HardRock Hotel San Diego, and Basic Urban Kitchen + Bar.


Official Lux Model Reel for | Directed by Mike Ho — 23 Comments

  1. few more people? do you know how many horny subscribers tim has. over 1million put it that way.

  2. lux, thats a pretty unique name, were did you come up with it or is that your actual name?

  3. no he didnt he just got a few more people to have her support her in wat shes doing like modeling

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