Rob Mccullough – Thrusting Muay Thai Knee Strikes — 20 Comments

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I have kind of strayed away from throwing knees due to me feeling like my knee cap is going to explode

  2. Why am I always afraid of my kneecaps when I do this move? Is this psychological or are my concerns valid (i fear it is the first one)?

  3. I don’t see how you would use tricep strength in clinch position, i’d say its more of a back work.. great ‘tutorial’ however! well explained

  4. The second mistake is when his supporting legs pivots for 90 degrees. If your opponent moves backwards and you miss your straight knee you land turned sideways, which opens you for a low kick, kick in the back (MT) or a hook straight to the face.

  5. Despite the fact that he had quite some fights, it doesn’t make his technique perfect. First things first: When delivering front long range knees the most important thing is to cover the opposide side of your face (as when you block a hook). You cover the opposite side of your head, because the most commonly used counters to straight knees are the straight right or the left hook (depending on which knee you throw). (right knee – cross, left knee – left hook).

  6. wow……this guy really goes into details! I think APPROPRIATE TEACHING starts here! He must be an extremely good teacher,and for sure he loves teaching!!!!Is he still an active fighter in MT?Has great figure!

  7. need to know exactly what part of knee to stike with.. cuz i would fukkin hate to blow out my knee doin this wrong or if my opponent lifts their leg and our knees smash together and go bone to bone and fuckin end up hating life….

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