Drifting : Rise of the V-8 : Formula Drift (HD)

MPGomatic.com asks … Does life really go better with a V8? Professional drifting is a motor sport unseen by most Americans. At its highest level here in the USA, the teams in Formula Drift have moved markedly towards the V8 engine. While many (most?) folks associate drift with high-revving turbocharged four bangers, the reliability, horsepower, torque, and affordability of the V8 engine cannot be denied. This video was shot over the course of two hot and steamy weekends in New Jersey at Formula Drift Round 4 – the Gauntlet Stadium and Club Loose’s East Coast Bash. Featuring: Justin Pawlak – 2013 Falken Tire Ford Mustang RTR Vaughn Gittin – 2013 Monster Energy Falken Tire Ford Mustang Chris Forsberg – 2012 NOS Energy Drink Nissan 370Z Rhys Millen – 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Ryan Tuerck – Retaks Racing 240LS Ken Gushi – 2013 Greddy/Scion Racing Hankook FR-S Tyler McQuarrie – 2011 Mobil 1 Chevy Camaro SS Conrad Grunewald – 2010 Hankook Chevy Camaro SS Kyle Mohan – 2010 Nexen Tire Mazda RX-8 Luke Lonberger – 2005 Blu808 Chevy Corvette Mike Skudlarek – 1992 Nissan 240sx


Drifting : Rise of the V-8 : Formula Drift (HD) — 25 Comments

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  7. If having a V8 in your car made it better at drifting, wouldnt Fanga Dan have beaten him with his V8 powered commodore in last years D1NZ championship??

    You’d think so Mad Mike beat him anyway, in his custom built 4 Rotor powered mazda.

    For those who are uneducated, a 4 Rotor is two 1.3 litre mazda engines bolted together to make a 2.6 litre rotary.

    Yes that’s right, there’s a 2.6 litre naturally aspirated rotary out there pwning all the V8’s in NZ with double the engine capacity. Fuck V8’s

  8. Having a V8 in your car definitely does NOT make it easier to drift, or better at drifting.

    Take Mad Mike for example. He chooses to drift an RX7 with a custom built 4 rotor engine, and he has more than one of these cars, with the same engine. I know for a fact that at the price it costs to get a 4 rotor custom built you could buy about 10-20 V8’s.

    If having a V8 in your car made it better at drifting, wouldnt Mad Mike have just spent a fraction of the price on a V8?

  9. V8’s have been around FOR A LONG TIME MATE. Check your facts. The first V8 was made in 1902. Making them OVER A HUNDRED AND TEN YEARS OLD.

    You are right about one thing though. An engine doesnt make you a good drifter. That’s exactly why a V8 is no better to any 4 or 6 cylinder out there for drifting.

  10. an engine does not make you a good drifter, drifting requires skill over everything else. sure the right engine helps but, if he is used to that engine then he knows how it reacts. Since V-8’s are relatively new not many people have gotten used to them.

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  12. If V8’s are so much better. Howcome Youichi Imamura is the only person to win the D1GP more than once, with 4 championships. He also has the most round wins ever. He has never used a v8.


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  14. I said Formula D is basically Nascar’s drifting. it’s easier to drift a highly modded V8 then a i4.i6,V6 and anything else. it takes away from the skill. and drifting high speed turns in a V8 is fairly EASY. You obviously failed, you didn;t even address my statement and rambled on about NASCAR, not formula D. make sure you know the question before you use an irreverent answer kid.

  15. Wasn’t talking about style you buffoon, you must not be reading my statement clear. Tell me this is it easier to drift a V8? and why/why not?

  16. please the style and the technique is all there..you must not know what those words mean

  17. I agree with pilotdrifter, I mean the v8’s are kool but I’d personally would rather keep it original, im a big nissan fan so ill just keep nissan with a built rb26 but use tje rwd rb25 tranny being that the rb26 tranny is awd, if I was in a mazda I’d use a roterary cause it keeps it true to the drift game but thats just me and my opinion

  18. exactly!!, and i dont want to sound ignorant or anything but it takes a hell of a lot more skill to drift an under powered car, im not saying it doesnt take skills to drift, its very difficult, but v8s make it almost to easy.

  19. I know what you mean, but with progression of a sport things start getting weird, nascar- racing on a beach/ racing on a giant concrete oval. drifting- started in the streets/ america’s v8 are starting to take over

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