WEIRDO WEARING MAKEUP! (1.14.12 – Day 989)

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WEIRDO WEARING MAKEUP! (1.14.12 – Day 989) — 21 Comments

  1. When Alli was talking to Danny and saying that he was embarrassing her I was thinking “If only she knew what Charles was doing”. Hahaha.

    at the start of the video, he’s wearing the makeup saying that there were comments saying everyone thought the thumbnail was photoshopped. then later on he said he didn’t even use it as a thumbnail…. so.. he lied? :/

  3. Has to be the best vlog! hahahah never laughed so hard! “Stupid childproof” XD

  4. Hahaha! Charles’ face as he slowly realizes that lipstick is permanent! 😛

  5. i REALLY hope you washed that cilantro before putting it in the salsa char…..

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