UFC on Fuel – Oliveira’s Reverse Calf Slicer (Gracie Breakdown)

One of the beautiful things about jiu-jitsu is that once you understand the basic principles of leverage and breakage, there is virtually no limit to the number of ways you can submit your opponent. On the undercard for this weekend’s UFC fights, we saw the first reverse calf-slicer ever used in MMA. In this Gracie Breakdown, Rener and Ralek Gracie break down the beautiful chain of leg attacks that Charles Oliveira used to submit Eric Wisely and they announce the winner of the last Gracie Giveaway, a brand new Series 1 Gracie Pearl Weave Gi. Watch it, learn it, and help us create more students of the gentle art by sharing it. To see more pics of the Series 1 Pearl Weave, click below: secure.gracieacademy.com To enter to win the next Gracie Giveaway: 1. Comment on this video 2. Favorite this video 3. Subscribe to the Gracie Breakdown channel www.GracieUniversity.com


UFC on Fuel – Oliveira’s Reverse Calf Slicer (Gracie Breakdown) — 16 Comments

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  2. Are you in Seoul? If so, there are schools. Look up John Frankl, good teacher and speaks English. One of his brown belts who teaches, is very good as well, very chill guy. They have a few locations around Seoul.

  3. hey guys love the breakdowns. i was wonering if u guys can do a breakdown on dan millers ninja choke… i forget what ufc or who he got it on

  4. no — i’m old and out of shape and i’ve been smoking for 20+ years and i don’t have enough money.

  5. the dates on these videos tells me that a winner has already been chosen. i think these videos need to be edited.

  6. i only knew when my nut cracker broke lol i always thought it was just pain subs as well..

  7. It’s mostly gi, but we do no gi too. Friend “Bakersfield Brazilian jiu jitsu” on facebook and look up matt baker bjj .com (no spaces).

  8. No – Because I’m stationed in Korea where there are no Jiu-Jitsu schools. So what I do is practice Jiu-Jitsu in my barracks with other Soldiers.

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