police chase-1st 9 min of chase Acura NSX-T.wmv

Chase with stolen Acura NXS-T in Harrison County TX. Patrol car was a modified 1995 Caprice 9C1 patrol car. ( engine, suspension,brakes,wheels and tires)


police chase-1st 9 min of chase Acura NSX-T.wmv — 13 Comments

  1. “its got a pipe on it” lol and i love how he lies to dispatch “he aint pullin away” perfect

  2. I wonder how many lives that cop endangered by perusing a suspect, over a stolen car. Just like a stupid southern cop to risk lives over a god damned car. I guess it isn’t just the cop’s southern accent that makes them look stupid.

  3. Run Bandit Run!!!!!! He does not have enuf to get away? He is driving like a maniac?

  4. “He doesn’t have enough to get away” at which point the NSX pulls away from the dopey piglet.

  5. The worst thing that can happen to your NSX is for someone to steal it, and then having it get rammed by the police or totaled after a pit maneuvre. I hope for the original owner that all the damage done to his NSX was limited to bullet punctures to the tyres or damage to the wheel that was shot at.

  6. The road is wet
    135 is A TON for a wet, one-lane backwoods road

    On a dry, 3-lane highway, this would’ve required multiple units and choppers

  7. He robbed a Pizza Hut and stole a 1 of a kind Acura NSX Twin Turbo. You are the liberal Idiot. I guess the cops are supposed to let him go. Do you really think he was going to slow down the next time a cop trys to stop him. News flash Supreme Court rules 8 to1 in exempting law inforcement from libility in chases. Go talk to them. He dodged three sets of spike strips but he could not dodge those .357 rounds. He got 8 yrs in the pen!! Maybe you would like to go visit him to talk his actions?

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