MISCHIEF (2002) – Classic Clip – DC STREET RACING

This home video was filmed over one weekend in 1999 at the hottest street racing spots in the DC area: V Street in DC and “Metro” in Prince Georges County, MD. A couple Rockstar Games programmers were there with us to get ideas from their “Midnight Club” video game. Also Stuff magazine documents this weekend with us in the January 2000 issue. This video is featured in our “Mischief (2002)” DVD available at www.Mischief.tv. Produced by Dustin Worles Email: dustin@mischief.tv Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Mischief Movie Series Website: www.mischief.tv Facebook www.facebook.com Store: www.mischief.bigcartel.com Gallery s1200.photobucket.com


MISCHIEF (2002) – Classic Clip – DC STREET RACING — 21 Comments

  1. $50,000 reward for VirginianHighlander’s arrest…..see I can make shit up too

  2. For what lol? Citizens arrest? You supplying the money? You do realize this video was shot over 10 years ago right? Or are you just jumping on the Washington Post bandwagon?

  3. Its unfortunate a car didn’t careen off the road and spectators weren’t hurt or killed.

  4. nice video !!! and nice fucking place to hide !!! Great that you got away of that (Y)

  5. This was the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights ….from dusk to dawn we would be riding around having fun bullshitting in the gas stations and racing at the metro 🙂 … good times!!!

  6. Man this brings back memories…I remember metro back in like 96-98….before there were speed bumps…before there was that big ass police tower. It used to be fun. The last time I went down there, everyone was up on MLK and the cops came and broke it up. Usually people would then go down to the metro station and race. This night, a convertable flipped in the median…had a gang of people on it. All I remember was driving by it and people were crawling out.

  7. I was right behind ya!!! Drove my 99 civic down that hill with a car-load full of people!! Good Times!!

  8. Dude! I actually married the guy flagging the races. I’m sure you all remember Kelly! Do you have anymore footage or that VHS that these dudes did? I used to have it but lost it.. I’d love to have it again!

  9. I can honestly say i was in it before F and F came about. It definately changed the scene, some for good, some for bad. I do miss that stuff. Added to my Street Racing WorldWide playlist. Excellent work!

  10. v street started in 68 never had a problem with anything til the mid to late 90s the older fast guys mostly ran off times tues,wed etc some of the best times i’ve ever had was there i miss the place & people god bless them all. -signed- the white boy.

  11. I remember racing there in 1988 to 1994, V street, Metro, in front of Hospital center Starting under the bridge, going to MD parked at Crown gas station back then, wasnt many imports when we ran, nothing but mustangs novas pontiacs, cyclones, i remember V street had someone run a car under one of the parked trailers at the end, killed the guy, i was not around then, cops was sneeky, would drive cabs and bust us. not that i been busted, on the way home, Do a burnout front of the whitehouse,

  12. Anybody remember a guy driving a Big Block Nova? Would hit the brake lights while driving behind people as they raced…….

  13. Hmmm……I’m putting my built Cobra Motor in my Fairlane this year. No import racer here…….. Where else was there besides V Street and Metro.

  14. But the Mustang Boys would still roll down the ramp and jump the speed bumps. lol.

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