Krav Maga (FrontLine Krav Maga) – Front Choke Defense

A video lesson from showing one Israeli Krav Maga tactic for dealing with a choking attack from the front. The instructor shown is Rick Seid, American creator of the Frontline system of Israeli Krav Maga and the FBI endorsed Fighting Chance Video series. More lesson clips and DVDs available at http


Krav Maga (FrontLine Krav Maga) – Front Choke Defense — 20 Comments

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  2. I know the two handed pluck. Loving this one. Nothing like options to make a girl smile ^_^ Thank you for such wonderful uploads.

  3. We call that Front Choke with Push. (being pushed) This is from a static position. You can do Front Choke with a push standing static as well. This only in the place static. I thought I had posted with a push. It is on my Womens Fighting Chance DVDs. If I have it on my hard drive I will post it. Thanks for your comment. I need instructors for my special women’s and kids course that deal with abduction and sexual assault. If interested let me know. Thank you for commenting.

  4. Not trying to dispute this technique, but in the police academy I learned a chocking defense in which you quickly raise your right arm and cross it over your attackers arms moving it from right to left while also twisting your body to the left. Bascially your arm is moving counterclockwise from a 3:00 position to a 10:00 position. The combination of the twisting motion and your arm & shoulder pushing against person’s hand releases the choke hold. Anyone know how that technique compares to this?

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  6. Thanks. You can also throw in a palm strike to the nose as you step back and put your head down. (Reinforce and use to hands, otherwise the strike probably won’t be as effective)

    Then you can peel the hands away or whatever and do some knees/strikes…

  7. Gumbi, excellent point. It is actually more common in the middle east that people will choke and head butt as well. It is part of the reason I teach this one defense as opposed to the generic 2 hand pluck. That said, if you do the 2 hand pluck add by putting your chin down as you pluck as Gumbi suggests. Thank you for the valued comment.

  8. A good idea is to put your head down, so if the attacker attempts to headbutt you, they’ll end up smashing it against your head. Your simultaneous strike/step back is the same though.

  9. -First of all if you were against the wall other defenses can be used but this is fine if you have room. The stepping back not necessary. But still your assessment that their thumb will “puncture” your throat is just ridiculous and doesn’t deserve further discussion. In my 16 years of teaching Krav Maga having students doing this full speed against full strength millions of times is proof enough that your silly “puncture theory” has never and will never occur. regards Rick Seid

  10. I’ve actually used this before when someone choked me so I have had a little bit of experience with it. It was against a much bigger guy that had me up against a wall and plucking down was no problem. I really don’t want to think about what would have happened if I dragged the guy’s thumb right across one of the most vulnerable spots on my body. I know there are a couple of other techniques for being against a wall, but that was the first thing that I reacted with.

  11. Part 3 now add a knife in their right hand. You still going to pluck it down? You respond how you train. Thats why I and every elite instructor I know, including my lead instructor the late Eli Avikzar, for head of Krav Maga for IDF teach it as I do. Maybe you know more than us all.

  12. Part 2 Jamesbig The fact that the attacker is being pulled in by the pluck brings them close to you. The impact is resolved that way. Agreed the strike is to destroy immediately, but more importantly to stun to swarm with heavier strikes. One other point, an aggressive choke with the attacker pushing upward with real strength will be far more difficult to move down than easily taking it to the side. Your response tells me your training or your understanding is faulty. go to part 3

  13. Jamesbigmac, you are showing your inexperience and lack of tactical awareness. Position your hands in front of you as if you are choking someone. The angle of the hands make taking the hands across a walk in the park. Secondly the scratch you saw was most likely the defenders own nail as they pluck across. 3. I mainly teach women to step back as they pluck because it diminishes the leverage of the attacker. You thinking it weakens the power of the strike is silly. go to part 2

  14. I don’t know why you are teaching this, but don’t tell your students to pull the hand across their neck, tell them to pull it down. Pulling across the neck tears at the throat and can cause the attacker to puncture the throat. I’ve seen someone in practice get their throat cut (not badly) by pulling the hand across instead of straight down. I also don’t like how you tell her to step back because that takes power out of the strike and you lose some of your base.

  15. Iceberg, I am guessing you use the 2 hand pluck. No problem. Very good tactic.

  16. Parkmusjesse, I don’t have to assume because I have 100 lb women that break the choke no problem when they do this. The plucking of the hand is done with speed & force NOT strength. Hammer a nail into the wall. You don’t push it you pop it. Why explain wrist twist? Your thinking is faulty. Hurting your attacker, quickly with ferocity to tender areas is the key. Here we pin the hand to the body & strike. Good luck trying to wrist twist someone stronger than you. You may only after striking them

  17. i have a problem with this move, your assuming that the woman is strong enough to break the choke with momentum only, there is barely any explanation on the wrist twist. joints are a key with dealing with someone stronger then you

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