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From the Vault: this TV episode originally aired February 2, 2011 on MAVTV. Former heavyweight contender Justin Fortune of Fortune Gym teaches us how to throw a proper punch; we attend the CAMO fights at the Fight Academy in Pasadena and catch up with Herb Dean and Savant Young; we visit with UFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger as he prepares for UFC 126; Karyn goes in search of the answer to the age-old question: sex or no sex before a fight? Be sure to visit for more interviews and MMA content. Nós falamos Português! * We’re on Facebook * Follow MMAheat on Twitter: * Follow Karyn on Twitter:


MMA HEAT – Doing It Right — 24 Comments

  1. whilst then number of people watching ufc on fx is falling, the pay-per-view numbers have been rising, so chances are that UFC may just stop putting on fights for free rather than a decline in the sport of mma as a whole (il be honest tho, im just a fan not a pundit or analyst, so you can ignore me, but IMHO thats the way i see it going)

  2. more respect for karyn guys, just because she is the hottest lady in MMA that`s dont give you the right to call her hot… ok she is hot.

  3. is there a reason those fighters are wearing mma shirts that mimmick the logo of Heineken? 12:44

  4. Hey Karyn do you feel the low ratings for ufc on fx are a pre cursor for future events in regards to the downfall of mma?

  5. lol @ 18:00, “a few minutes in bed”… not givin MMA fighters much credit, eh? Guess that stamina only applies to the ring? lol.

  6. people like Dan Henderson are good for your show Karyn, people like miller re not so good those “Millers” have weird style of Respect. People like Dan Henderson are true peoples.

  7. Is brock gonna teach how to properly get into the fetal position bcuz i dont think im doin it right

  8. hey Karyn, look like most people watch your video because of your look, which is kinda sad, people should watch your video because of your talent and the love for mma

    watch this not bc of mma then go watch porn 😉

  9. not impressed by the download streaming of this video it’s youtube for god dam sure! I’m running 60 mbps with 5 upload and this video not only pause and shows as if it’s over by throwing up other selection screen for other video it literally threw 4 commercials at me in 7 secs everytime i picked switch another one would appear !! And it’s either youtube or the net neutrality is becoming a reality as i live in Canada and 2 commercials were god dam was a subway sub !!

  10. I read in weight training forums that when you ejaculate your testosterone levels go down, and may take a few days to go back to norm. You don’t want to beat off the day before you lift.

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